Month: January 2016

Stabilzation, for now..

Period 2nd half January 2016, written Jan 27th.


Asset Allocation

I deployed a little bit of physical cash in the period but it didn’t meaningfully change the asset allocations. Agricultural stocks got swept down in the January weakness so I got filled there and in an overseas property play. Continue reading “Stabilzation, for now..”


Format of blog

I shall be sticking to a regular format which I have recently been emailing out to a few friends. It is a commentary  that touches on the themes I am focused on in the short term. I shall post the commentary here, and start with posting the first two made in January 2016. .

By no means will all my holdings and decisions always be revealed here. One outcome I am contemplating via this blog is potentially to have 10 or 20 perhaps similar style investors whom we can use as a network to exchange ideas. Collectively on occasions it may have the potential to influence the strategic direction of a company.